7 Best Sewing Machine in India Under 5000 – Buying Guide & Review

Sewing is a source of income for most of the people in India, especially for single women. They are dependent on this sewing machine for their daily expenditure. What does this indicate? It indicates that the sewing machine has been an important part of every middle class and lower class house in India. Hence considering the financial situation of the lower-middle-class family and middle-class family we made this article on the best sewing machines in India under 5000. So, anyone from these families can buy the best sewing machine under their fixed budget.

best sewing machine in India under 5000

In the past days, sewing machines were very simple appliances with very fewer attachments and features but nowadays technology has improved and, surely, today’s sewing machines can efficiently perform various tasks like hemming, embroidery, button stitching and many more that older sewing machines can’t. These modern-day sewing machines are equipped with excellent features that make them out of the box.

Here in this article, we shall review the best sewing machine brands available in India in 2020. Buying a guide for the best sewing machine in India will solve all your doubts regarding this beautiful machine.

So let’s see the best sewing machine in India under 5000,

Best Sewing Machine in India Under 5000

1. HNESS Multi Electric Mini 4 in 1 Desktop Functional Household Sewing Machine

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First in our list is HNESS Multi Electric Mini Sewing Machine for home use. This is the lightweight, easy to carry the machine with a built-in lamp, thread cutter, and cuff slot. This sewing machine is perfect for if you are always travelling. With a low price, this machine is the best sewing machine available in India right now. Even though you are a beginner this machine is very easy to use and also you can watch online tutorials to get more information and learn about this sewing machine.

With multiple power sources, you can use this machine anytime and anywhere. It will be the best gift for your sister or mom if they are interested in sewing fabrics. Let’s see its key features in detail.

best sewing machine in india under 5000

Key Features:

  • Its small design and lightweight make this machine easy to carry.
  • This machine comes with a built-in lamp that provides enough light for your sewing work.
  • Thread cutter does its job of cutting the thread after completing your sewing.
  • You will have multiple choices of power supply i.e, you can run the machine batteries or external power supply.
  • With its excellent straight-line sewing, it is perfect for some of the thick fabrics like denim, velvets, etc.
  • This machine features a winding pole and thread spindle for easy rewinding the bobbins.
  • If you are a beginner then you can learn about this sewing machine with the help of their Online Tutorial Channel easily.
  • This machine is perfect on the go sewing of some small stuff such as apron, purse, child’s pants, shopping bags, and curtains.
  • Its Two Speed Control gives you to control the speed of the sewing machine according to your comfort.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry.

  • Portable.

  • Easy to use and perfect for beginners.

  • LED light option.

  • Multiple power supply options.

  • Does not perfect for heavy tasks

2. HNESS Electric Multipurpose Household 7 Stitched Pattern Portable Sewing Machine

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This HNESS Electric Sewing Machine is the advanced version of HNESS Multi Electric Mini 4 in 1 Desktop Functional Household Sewing Machine. This is the second-best sewing machine under 5000 in our list. This machine perfect combination for beginners. Maling your sewing work easy and convenient is the primary focus of this machine. this machine has a stylish design that gives good sewing experience.

This machine has the best in class features in the same price range. Let us see in detail about its features,

best HNESS electric sewing machine

Key Features:

  • This sewing machine comes with 7 types of built-in stitching patterns to sew in 7 different patterns.
  • Adjustable thread width and forward and reverse sewing features make your sewing experience hassle-free.
  • This machine also has a built-in LED light that provides enough light to make your sewing experience easier when sewing dark clothes or working at night.
  • Double speed features allow you to adjust the speed of the machine.
  • Protection backplate prevents your finger from injuring by Needle.
  • Free arm design gives easy access to cuffs, collars, pant hems, and other difficult to reach areas.
  • Comes with adaptor and 4 AA batteries are used as a power source of this sewing machine.
  • The automatic thread rewind feature allows the rewind of a thread if sewing work goes wrong.

Technical Specifications:

Two way supplyUses DC 6V 1000mA
Stitch TypeLock Stitch
Max Sewing Thickness0.3mm to 1.8mm
Function 7 Stitches
ApplicableHome Use

  • Easy to use and easy to carry.

  • Elegant design.

  • Perfect for home use and beginners.

  • 7 types of stitching patterns.

  • Portable.

  • Doesn’t work well on heavy layered fabrics.

  • Does not perfect for professional use.

Well, so far we have seen the best sewing machines in India for under Rs.5000. According to our research, we found only two sewing machines that are the best in this category. So, now the best sewing machine above 5000 will be seen.

3. Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

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This dream stitch automatic zig-zag electric sewing machine from Usha has remarkable and easy to use features which gives a boost to your skills and enable you to customize and express your creativity. With its compact size, it becomes handy and can store easily in your cupboard or closet.

Explore your creativity using this amazing sewing machine which is equipped with many excellent features that make this machine convenient to use and user-friendly. Let us see those key features,

best sewing machine in India under 5000

Key Features:

  • This machine has a compact design which makes it fit in your cupboard or closet easily and it has handle using which you can port it easily.
  • To stitch buttons quickly on shirts, coats, and dresses this machine has four-step buttonholing.
  • The dial option allows you to select your desired pattern so that you can do your sewing work easily.
  • Auto Trip Bobbin Winder makes sure that the thread is properly wounded around the bobbin when you begin sewing, otherwise, it will stop working.
  • This sewing machine from Usha comes with a handle so you can easily carry this machine from one place to another.
  • This machine has a compact design and size so it can easily fit in your cupboard or closet.
  • If you love to sew fabrics in various designs then this machine is useful to you since it has 7 built-in stitches and 14 applications to explore various designs while sewing.
  • It is equipped with a sewing light which ensures that you must get good visibility while sewing dark clothes or sewing in less illuminated places.
  • Thread tension control ensures that the thread does not break during sewing so that you do not have to adjust the thread every time.
  • This sewing machine is a Free arm model which allows you to stitch in zigzag or circular patterns.
  • Different types of fabrics can be stitch or mend easily by using this lightweight sewing machine from Usha.
  • This sewing machine comes with a built-in motor.
  • This machine gives an excellent speed of 550 SPM.
  • The machine has a separate accessory storage compartment in which you can store your machine accessories easily.
  • This machine gives smooth functioning on all types of fabrics.
  • The company gives 2 years of warranty on this machine.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry.

  • Compact design.

  • Simple and user-friendly operations.

  • External storage facility.

  • Multiple stitching options to boost your designing talent.

  • Some customers have complained about bad customer service.

  • Free demo service is available in only selected cities.

4. Singer 8280 Sewing Machine

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Next on our list is the Singer 8280 sewing machine. If you want to enjoy safe and hassle-free sewing and you want to enhance your sewing skills then this machine may be the best for you. This machine not only helps you to stitch your slightly torn favourite clothes but also nurture your sewing skills. It is a versatile sewing machine that is designed to cover everything from fashion sewing to home decorative sewing.

This machine comes with numerous useful and excellent features that make your sewing experience hassle-free and smoother. This machine is a basic and reliable sewing machine that will not overwhelm you too many bells and whistles. Let us know about its key features,

best singer sewing machine

Key Features:

  • This machine has 7 built-in stitch programs and 24 stitch functions with a maximum width of 5mm that allow you to use new designs, new ideas and make the wonderful decorations for fashion sewing and home decorative sewing.
  • This machine has a free arm for circular stitching offering easy access to cuffs, collars, pants hems, and other difficult to reach areas giving professional results.
  • This Singer 8280 sewing machine comes with a built-in lighting feature so you can sew perfectly and easily even in dim light areas.
  • This excellent sewing machine comes with an accessory storage facility in the extension table where you can securely store your machine accessories and sewing essentials.
  • It has a heavy-duty interior metal frame and a powerful motor that makes it durable and allows you to sew easily in multiple layers of heavy fabric in perfect alignment.
  • Its variable needle position feature allows you to change the needle position for individual projects.
  • You can adjust the stitch length and width with the dial to prevent bunching on any type of fabric.
  • This machine has an in-built thread cutter in presser bar so that you can easily cut the thread after sewing.
  • Has sewing speed of 800 SPM.
  • This machine obeys Oscillating Shuttle Mechanism i.e., half shuttle mechanism.
  • The company provides 2 years of warranty on this product.

  • Electric foot presser to reduce your efforts.

  • The Interior metal frame makes it durable.

  • Extra storage capacity.

  • Perfect for home use.

  • Easy to use.

  • Some customers have complained about customer service.

  • Some customers have complained about having poor quality needles.

5. Singer 1304 Start Sewing Machine

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Singer is one of the best sellers of consumer and artisan sewing machines and the most trusted and recognizable brand in the world since 1851. The company produced the world’s first portable machine, the first zig-zag machine, and the first computerized machine.

Here, we have Singer 1304 Sewing Machine with Free arm Feature. This is basic, simple, and easy to use mechanical sewing machine perfect for the beginners and also for those looking for a lightweight, portable machine. Sew your fabrics with their available stitches easily and enhance your skill. This is the best sewing machine if you are altering the clothes or are thinking of starting a new project from scratch.

singer electronic sewing machine

Key Features:

  • Since the threading diagram is printed on the machine, Singer 1304 provides quick and easy threading so you can set up the machine for sewing in no time.
  • Sewing buttons for your shirt, skirt, aprons or any other clothe becomes easy with its in-built 4 step buttonhole.
  • The machine has dual spool pins which make twin needle sewing quick and easy. Twin needle sewing gives parallel rows of stitching, perfect for hemming or adding a decorative touch.
  • Using its easily accessible stitch dial you can shift from one stitch pattern to another in one easy step. So that you can easily do whatever stitching pattern you want to do. 
  • Its 6 built-in stitches make this machine perfect for everyone from beginners to experts. You can innovate new designs using its various stitching patterns.
  • With its free arm feature, you can easily stitch in circular or zig-zag areas like cuffs, pant hems and other difficult to reach areas.
  • For sewing continuity and more durability, the internal skeleton of this machine is made of heavy-duty metal which perfectly aligns all the mechanisms of the machine. The heavy-duty metal frame ensures that the life of your sewing machine is extended.
  • The machine includes three presser feet to all of the sewing jobs from adding buttons to adding zips and more get done easily and quickly. This presser foot includes the all-purpose foot, buttonhole foot, and foot.
  • The LED light present in the machine useful in illuminating the sewing area when sewing in the dim light area.
  • While stitching your fabrics there is no need to make stitch length and width adjustments as this machine comes with preset stitch length and width. Which becomes very useful for beginners. 
  • Singer provides 2 years of warranty on this sewing machine.

  • Best for beginners.

  • Easy to use and carry.

  • Presser foots to reduce the effort and make sewing experience better.

  • Durable.

  • Good customer service.

  • It does have some issues with thread jamming.

  • Some users have struggled with threading the machine.

6. Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

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Using this sewing machine, Janome Wonder Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag from Usha creates wonderful, freehand embroidery designs and transform your ideas into a masterpiece. Customize your favourite decorative stitches and make proper finishing of ends of garments such as saree falls, kurta suits, skirt hemlines, and much more, at the tip of your finger. Usha Janome wonders stitch automatic zig-zag electric sewing machines features make your sewing experience hassle-free.

So, let us go through its key features,

Key Features:

  • This automatic zig-zag sewing machine comes with a free arm with which you can easily stitch in difficult to reach areas like cuffs, collars, pant helms, etc.
  • Built-in needle threader and light make your sewing experience very easier by illuminating light when working in dim light areas.
  • Four-step buttonhole sewing allows you to sew buttons easily and efficiently on the fabric.
  • This machine comes with manual thread tension control, hence you have to keep it under tension by yourself so that the thread doesn’t break.
  • You can create wonderful, freehand embroidery designs with its drop feed mechanism.
  • Auto Trip Bobbin system makes sure that the thread is properly wounded around the bobbin when you begin sewing, otherwise, it will stop working.
  • The machine exhibits an excellent sewing speed of 860 SPM.
  • The machine has a stitch selector dial type so that you can select the preferred stitch option using this dial easily.
  • 13 in-built stitches and 21 stitch functions make your sewing experience even more hassle-free, easier and allow you to make new designs, embroideries, etc.
  • The machine comes with an adjustable width dial to enhance your stitching quality.
  • The triple strength stitch feature makes it able to sew tough garments like denim, velvets, etc. easily.
  • It comes with a range of free accessories, including different feet attachments.
  • The company provides 2 years of warranty on this product.

  • Excellent sewing performance.

  • Good motor speed.

  • Embroidery features make it must buy a machine.

  • Perfect making new designs.

  • demo DVDs are not given.

  • Physical demo available in selected cities.

  • Thread breaking issue continues.

7. Brother FS 101 Computerized Sewing Machine

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Well, along with Singer and Usha, Brother Sewing Machines have the reputation of being the best and the most durable sewing machines in India. This machine comes with various excellent features that make it falls into the category of the best sewing machine for domestic use. Because of its excellent features, this machine can be also used in garment manufacturing at a low scale.

Let’s get know in detail about its features,

Key Features:

  • The machine comes with excellent 100 in-built stitches and 55 alphanumeric stitches which makes it the best sewing machine for sewing new patterns and designs easily. So that you can enhance your creativity easily by using this machine.
  • Sew buttons on your skirts, shirts, or aprons easily and efficiently with its 8 one-step buttonholes and you can customize your sewing direction in this machine.
  • This machine has an in-built needle threading which makes the irritating task of threading the needle very easy which saves lots of time.
  • Quick set bobbin and Bobbin Winder makes sure that the thread is properly wounded around the bobbin when you begin sewing, otherwise, it will stop working.
  • Speed and Stitch width length control allows you to sew your fabrics according to your sewing skills and the thickness of your fabric to get an excellent stitching performance.
  • This machine from Brother has a 7 point feed that helps in smooth feeding of various fabrics from sheer silk to denim.
  • With the sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute this machine can enhance your creative exploration.
  • This machine has an LCD Digital display and a button dial pad to set your stitching pattern so that you can do your sewing work without any interruption.
  • Twin needle attachment stitches parallelly, making it perfect for adding a decorative touch.  
  • The LED light arrangement ensures that the sewing work won’t stop even in dim light areas.

  • Wide range of stitching options.

  • Lightweight and portable.

  • Easy to use.

  • Excellent sewing performance.

  • home demo or service is not available.

  • Embroidery feature is not available.

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Buying Guide for Best Sewing machine in India under 5000

Well, so far we have seen a list of the best sewing machines in India under 5000 with their pros, cons, and features. Here one thing you need to understand is how do you choose the right sewing machine for you? For that, the type of sewing machine, for what purpose you are going to use it, how many stitches you will need, your budget, warranty, and many more parameters you should know and consider before choosing a sewing machine.


So to make your purchase easier we will discuss in detail all the important parameters so that you can buy a sewing machine without any hesitation.

Let’s get started,

1. What are the Types of Sewing Machine?

Depending on their functionality and features like sewing, quilting, and embroidery there are four types of sewing machines.

1. Mechanical Sewing Machines

Let’s get into the mechanical sewing machine. This type of machine is the oldest machine type available in the market. This machine is also called a domestic machine or traditional machine. You have to do all the basic settings manually in this sewing machine this machine is a fully manual sewing machine. There is a large wheel that is connected to the motor by a cable. The machine starts working when the user pedals the wheels but nowadays you can use an electric motor to run the machine. This machine comes with very basic features like bottom loading bobbin, adjustable stitch, straight and reverses stitch, adjustable tension, and inbuilt pressure feet. It has a 1-7 stitching capability.

It is the best sewing machine for beginners who want to learn sewing from the bottom. So if you are a beginner then these types of machines are very useful for you.

2. Electronic Sewing Machine –

This type of sewing machine is the more advanced sewing machine than the traditional mechanical sewing machine. This machine has a more advanced feature than the mechanical sewing machine, which makes it very easy to use. Sewing professionals like tailors can use this machine effortlessly as it has more accuracy than the mechanical machine. This machine is lightweight and compact when compared to a mechanical sewing machine. With the basic features like mechanical sewing machine has this machine comes with some extra features like 7-50 in-built stitch capability, blind stitch, buttonhole stitch, smocking, reverse stitch lever, built-in needle threader,  top-loading drop-in bobbin, auto tripping bobbin, automatic thread cutter and many more. Like mechanical sewing machines, this machine uses a motor to run the machine.

3. Computerized Sewing Machine –

Today, if all kinds of equipment from the mixer to AC have become smart, how can sewing machines be left behind? That’s why Computerized Sewing Machines came into the market. These machines have advanced technology and can be connected to the internet, computer or USB. With stitching capability of minimum 50 and maximum 200, this sewing machine is the best suitable for industrial purpose, large scale fabric designs in less amount of time.

This machine has a much more advanced and useful feature than the other types of sewing machines. This machine has an autopilot mode in which the machine automatically controls the number of stitches per minute, thread tension, stitch strength. As it can connect to the computer, the user can easily create his/her designs on the computer and then transfer it to the machine. LCD or LED is provided to operate the machine.

As this machine is technically advanced and is computerized it is expensive than other types of sewing machines and it requires regular maintenance and proper handling to function properly.

4. Overlocker Sewing Machine –

Name suggest that for what this machine is used. This machine is used for joining or sewing the edges of the fabric together. This machine is mainly used by tailors to give the finishing look to the garment. “Serger” is another name of this machine. This machine is useful in edging the various garments curtains, napkins, elastic hemming, and many more things. Generally, this machine uses 4-5 stitches to overlock the garment. The more the number of stitches more strong is the stitching of the garment.

5. Embroidery Sewing Machine –

Embroidery sewing machines are mainly used for designing different styles patterns of embroidery on the fabric and because of this ability, this machine is more popular in beginners as well as professionals.

Zigzag type machine is best for basic embroidering whereas professional persons can choose electronics sewing machines embedded with embroidering features with various patterns. These are expensive to buy and expensive to maintain when compared to the mechanical sewing machine. To operate this machine you have some designing knowledge or skill otherwise buying this machine does not make any sense. In our opinion, this machine is the best for industrial or professionals use. 

Below we have provided the comparison table of all the types of sewing machines,

In-built stitches1 to 77 to 5050 to 20010 to 150>20
Domestic UseYesYesNoYesYes
USB compatibilityNoYesYesYesNo
Light in WeightThe latest modelsYesYesYesYes
Suitable for beginnersYesYesNoYesYes
Automatic functionsNoYesYesYesYes
Spool CapacityOne1 to 21 to 2MultipleMultiple
Sewing functionYesYesYesSomeNo
EmbroideryNoSome modelsYesYesNo
Cover stitchingNoNoNoNoYes
Adjustable presserNoYesYesYesYes
LCD ScreenNoYesYesYesNo

2. How many built-in stitches do you need?

Well, it depends on how creative design or garment you want to make. Generally, most of the people use a straight and zigzag stitch. These two stitches are enough to do just everything that you need to do on a sewing machine.

There are some other stitching patterns rather than these two and they are backstitch, chain stitch, basting, blind hem stitch, buttonhole stitch, and others.

3. Does the sewing machine come with any extra attachments?

So, if you use sewing machines professional then you do need the extra attachments to increase the sewing ability of your machine. I mentioned some attachments below that every sewing machine should have.

You should find standard attachments like buttonhole foot, a zipper foot, and a blind hem foot if you want to make clothing.

For making quilts, go for a walking foot.

A freehand embroidery foot is useful in the freehand quilt. Other attachments like,

Automatic needle threader, needle position adjustment, adjustable speed control, presser foot, knee lifter, top load bobbin, needle down, and many more.

If the machine you are buying does not have the attachment you want, make sure the attachment is available in the market otherwise switch to another machine.

4. Size of the Motor

Remember that the bigger the motor is, the heavier and powerful it is.  The stronger and heavier motor can work for a longer time consistently and these motors can easily work on thicker fabrics like denim, leather, and upholstery-weight fabric. Sewing machines with smaller motor sizes has not the capability of working on thick fabrics. But if you have to transfer the machine frequently then there will be a hassle in moving the heavy machine than the lightweight machine.

5. What is the price of the sewing machine?

Another important factor that you should consider before buying a sewing machine. although we have discussed the best sewing machine in India under 5000 in this article. But there are various types of machines available in India with various price ranges depending on their features, build quality, brand, and some other factors. We focused to bring out the best of everything that you want to buy.

6. Warranty on the Machine.

Make sure to buy the product from the reputed brand so that you will get a good product, good after-sales service and satisfying warranty period which will give you the hassle-free experience in maintaining your machine in the future.

7. Our Final Thoughts on the Best Sewing Machine in India Under 5000

Well, in this article we mentioned the best sewing machine in India under 5000 and above. all the machines are good and durable. if you are beginner and want to learn basics of sewing then you should go for basic sewing machines. Although you can begin your sewing from advanced machines also. Hence choosing the sewing machines with more advanced features will be beneficial for your learning as they will nurture your sewing skills more.

Best Sewing Machine in India Under 5000 – FAQ

1. What type of thread should I use?

Sewing machines are designed to be used with regular all-purpose sewing thread made up of 100% polyester. You can use the cotton thread if you are quilting.
Using heavy-duty thread consistently will you damage the tension of your machine eventually.

2. How often should I oil my machine?

Well, it depends on your use of. If you are using your machine once a week then lubricating your machine once a month will be ok and if you are using your machine daily then lubricating your machine once a week will be fine.
Whereas some machines have been pre-lubricated at the factory and they don’t need additional lubricating.

3. Why is there so much noise when sewing?

If your machine giving you so much of noise while working then it is jitters. If it making loud noises then there could be various issues. the most common explanation is the machine should be cleaned and maintained properly.

4. Why is the machine running slowly?

There could be many reasons that your machine is running slowly, but the most common reasons are
The problem in foot Control.
Error in speed control.
No proper lubrication.
No proper cleaning.

5. What to do if the motor is not working?

If your motor is not working then,
Make sure that the power cord of the machine is plugged into the wall and machine properly.
Check for the fuse and wiring
Make sure that the power supply is on.

6. Why do I get uneven stitches?

There are many reasons by which you can get uneven stitches, some of them are
The problem in thread tension, presser foot and stitch regulator.
Make sure that the thread is properly fit in the bobbin.
Inaccurate placement of the needle can also result in uneven stitches.

7. Why is the needle threader not turning?

Make sure that the needle not up to otherwise the needle threader will not turn and turn the handwheel till its peak position.

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