Best Air Fryers In India 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Before buying an Air Fryer, you must do proper research on Air Fryers and then buy it. But nowadays nobody has that much time to do research, hence we came up with buying guide for best air fryers in India so that you can easily choose the perfect air fryer for you. We did comprehensive research on the air fryers and focused on almost all the factors that a buyer should consider before buying it.

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1. What is an Air Fryer?

Air fryer is a small and essential household appliance that fries food without using oil. It uses hot air and heat currents to cook foods so that the outside is crispy and the inside is moist. To prevent sticking or change in the consistency of the food you are cooking, you can use small amount of oil (less than a tablespoon) but it is not needed in many of the things you cook.

2. How does it work?

Have you ever wondered how this device fry your food without soaking it in oil? No, right. So let’s find out how this device works.

In air fryers, there is a heater right above the cooking chamber which emits heat directly to the food penetrating it deep under its surface. A fan above the heater throws the air in the cooking chamber from upside creating a powerful vertical airflow. As the fan is above the heater, hence air has to pass through the heater. While passing the heater the air is loaded with heat energy. A starfish-like Air Guide at the bottom guides the air to spread the heat evenly and directs the airflow vertically.

Like this, the air fryer uses swirls of hot air around the food inside the cooking chamber making your food crispy on the outside. As they use hot air instead of oil to fry your food, you omit up to 80% of the oil/fat content in the air fried foods as compared to traditional frying methods.

In Air Fryers cooking air is recirculated internally to keep the heat inside but when the temperature rises then internal pressure also rises.  Hence, to maintain the internal pressure and temperature an Air Fryer must have an Exhaust System.

3. Why to invest in an Air Fryer?

As of its name, Air Fryer’s functionality is not limited to just frying. This tiny kitchen appliance can do a lot more things than just frying food. You can use air fryer to bake fruit cakes and brownies, frying oil free samosas and French fries, grill or roast chicken and paneer and make crispy cinnamon toasts. So, lot of healthy cooking you can do with air fryers.

Following points briefly describe why you should invest in a brand new air fryer,

1. Helps in maintaining health-

If you want to achieve your health goals then you have to maintain your weight and for this, the most practised way is to stay away from fried snacks and opting for fruit salads. But many of us can’t resist eating delicious food even if it contains a lot of fats/calories.

Then, in this case, Air Fryers are the best available option for you. You can make lower-calorie versions of your favourite fried snacks by eliminating up to 80% of oil/fat in that food keeping their taste same.

2. Fast and easy to use-

As compared to other kitchen appliances, the cooking speed of air fryers is on the top. Convection microwave ovens are their closest competitors. Both of them have some same tasks to do. Air fryers have a smaller cooking chamber than the convection oven and this causes

intense projection of hot air into the air fryers. Design of air fryers makes them faster than the convection ovens by reducing the cooking time up to 25%.

Air Fryers have an easy to use user interface making them user friendly. You can manually control the cooking temperature and set the cooking time. Air fryers are also referred to as deep fat fryers.

3. Easy to clean-

As we all know that Air Fryer uses very less amount of oil or sometimes they don’t need oil and their small designs make it easy to clean the appliance. They are safe and economical for your daily use.

4. Odour free kitchens with no mess-

Traditional frying methods can be used to make delicious snacks but at the same time these methods make the kitchen very greasy and they also yield distasteful odours that survive around for hours.

Then for this scenario, there is the best alternative is available in the market, known as Air Fryers. You can buy the best air fryer or you can say that the best healthy air fryer for your home. With its enclosed cooking chamber and lesser oil usage, you will have a clean and odourless kitchen, post-cooking.

Plus, most of the air fryers have dishwasher safe components. So, you could wash them easily after you’re done feasting.

4. Factors to consider before buying an air fryer

There different factors that you must consider before buying an Air Fryer. Below we have mentioned those factors so that you can easily select the Air Fryer for your family.

1. Types of Air Fryer-

There are various types of air fryers available in the market with the same working principle. Despite the same working principle, each type has a different approach. Mainly there are two categories of air fryers, first one is “basket air fryers” and second one is “convection air fryers” Below is the list of types of Air Fryers.

a. Round or Egg Shaped Air Fryer-

This air fryer falls under the basket air fryer category. Their features make them the most common and popular air fryers in the market. This models are, easy to use and are easy to clean appliance which makes them a perfect appliance for regular household usage.

b. Air Fryer Ovens-

The rare availability in the market signifies that this type of air fryers are completely new in the Indian market. The working principle of this air fryer is same just like other air fryers, but the main difference lies in the design of the cooking chamber.

Instead of pan or basket, the horizontal racks (similar to traditional oven) are installed in it for frying food ingredients. You can cook several types of food ingredients at a time on racks.

This type of air fryers will be useful when you need more food or you need various foods at the same time. Generally, they come with accessories like kabab skewers, small baking dishes, rotisserie and others. 

c. Halogen Air Fryers

As their name suggests, the halogen bulb is used as a heating element in this air fryers. The heat generated through this bulb is circulated around the food using a fan. These air fryers are slightly different from others due to the use of halogen bulb as a heating element.

d. Paddle type air fryers-

Introduced in 2006, the paddle-type air fryers are considered as an original air fryer. These air fryers are obsolete nowadays.

2. Size of Air Fryer-

The size or capacity of the air fryer is related to the volume of the cooking chamber. Air fryers are available in different sizes. You may find the air fryers from 1-litre basket capacity to up to 5 litres basket capacity.

An air fryer with 1-litre basket capacity is suitable for bachelors or couples. In 2 to 2.5 L you can easily manage the hunger of 4-5 members and to serve more than 6 peoples at the same time you should opt for 3L+ air fryer, Larger air fryers like this are bit cost-effective.         

And one more thing is while purchasing an air fryer, you should know your requirements and size of your family apart from that, if always have guests, then make a decision based on how many people you will have to feed.

Air fryers with large basket capacity have two sections, which allows you to make different snacks at a time.

1 L – Suitable for bachelors or couples

2-2.5 L – Suitable for 4 to 5 members

3 L and above – Suitable for the larger crowd (more than 6)

3. Power Consumption-

Power consumption is an important criterion for any electronic appliance, defining its efficiency. The same will apply for air fryers. In the Indian market, the wattage of air fryers is rated from 1200 watts to 1800 watts. The more the power consumption is, the quicker heat is generated and the faster the food is cooked.

Although 1200 watts is sufficient to give you a better cooking expectance, there is an even better experience in higher watts. But keep in mind that the higher the power rating you use, the higher the electricity consumption will be.

That’s why we suggest you stay in the middle range, choose an air fryer with power ratings anywhere around 1400-1600 watts.

The maximum temperature of air fryers with minimum wattage is 350 degrees Fahrenheit and the maximum temperature of air fryers with maximum wattage is 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Time and Temperature Control (Functionality)-

The two main settings in the Air Fryer that you need to look out for are, Timer and Temperature settings. This settings plays an important role in cooking. Almost every air fryer in the Indian market have this setting features.

a. Timer-

You can set the required for the cooking, using this setting. Most of the air fryers have timer up to 30 minutes. This time is more than enough for snack recipes. But if you want the timer for a longer duration, then there are some air fryers who have timer up to 60 minutes.

b. Temperature Control-

Temperature settings ranging from 200°F to 400 °F are available for cooking in the air fryers.

5. Cooking ability

This is one of the important factors to be considered before purchasing an air fryer. How does it cook the food? This defines the cooking ability of an air fryer. To achieve the best cooking ability, different models of air fryer has a different approach. But mainly there are two main models which include “manual rotation” and “self-rotation” methods in them.

a. Manual Rotation-

As the name indicates itself that, in this method, the food ingredients need to be rotated manually to ensure uniform heat distribution and cooking. Most of the models in India has this method of cooking.

b. Self-Rotation-

In this method, the food ingredients are rotated automatically using a paddle. It will rotate the content or the entire basket.

6. Safety

Safety is a primary concern in any case, especially when you are using a cooking appliance like ovens and air fryers. Today, most air fryers have basic safety features that enhance user reliability.

Automatic shut-off, basket button guard to avoid accidental detachment of cooking pan with an outer basket, Non-slip feet and Insulated handles etc. this is some basic safety features that every air fryer should have.

7. User interface (Digital vs Manual)

An appliance with a good and well-managed user interface is very easy to understand and easy to use. Even a new user will learn to use it easily. But still, there are some users who prefer manual control over digital control.  Hence choosing between both digital and manual control is a personal bias.

Both the types have their own advantages and disadvantages making them better than the other in certain factors. For example, In manual control, the timers can still run when the food basket is removed, so it is better to pre-set the timer a bit longer and accuracy could be a bit problem with manual knobs.

Air fryers having manual control are a bit outdated in terms of design but are easy to handle whereas air fryers with digital control give a stylish and modern look to your kitchen and are also very easy to use once you use them regularly.

best air fryers in India

8. Cooking programs and Features

air fryers cooking programs

The air fryers nowadays are preloaded with various cooking programs. You have to choose the dish you want to make and press the button and the rest of the job like setting the preferred temperature and timer is done by air fryer itself.

This feature is very useful for those people who have no time for cooking or are always in a hurry. Warm mode to keep your food warm until served, pre-heating and pause mode if you want to pause cooking for some time, this is time-saving features that modern air fryers have.

9. Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning your appliance after using it will increase its life expectancy. Most of the air fryers come with dishwasher compatible racks and baskets. Food is stuck in components like mesh baskets and grills, so they need to be cleaned manually.

Wiped the outside body of air fryer with wet or dry cloth after it cools down properly.

10. Price            

best air fryers in India buyer's guide

Price of any appliance or anything you purchase depends on the features and build quality of the product. If the product has high-quality features and excellent build quality then that product would be much expensive. There’s a lot of factors that affect the price of the product.

Depending on factors like digital interface, basket capacity, non-stick coating, warranty period etc.  You may find the air fryer in the range of 3,000 INR to 12,000 INR.

Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer has all essential and desirable features that every air fryer should have while keeping the price near 12,000 INR.

11. Warranty

In India, every air fryer brand provide different warranty period for their product. Some of them provide a warranty for 6 months while some provide warranty for up to 2 years. Warranty of the product is also very much dependent on the price of the product.

We recommend that you to choose a product that has a longer warranty period. In the case of air fryers, most of them have a 2 years warranty.

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