Best Exercise Cycle in India

What addiction is better than exercise addiction? Probably nothing. It is said that “Don’t wish for good bodywork for it”, hence it is must start your fitness journey first. But many people in India want to achieve their fitness goals but cannot because of workload or some other reason. That’s why it’s best to keep the best exercise cycle at home so that you can take time out from your work and exercise comfortably at home. Hence to help you in achieving your fitness goal, we created this article on the best exercise cycle in India so that you can choose your best cycle without any doubt. but keep in mind that to achieve your fitness goal you must do a proper diet along with workout. You can take Fruit Juice, Protein shakes to fulfil the energy requirement of your body during a workout.

best exercise cycle in India

The main advantage of exercise cycles is that almost any kind of person use it, be it, skinny person, child, elder, man, women anyone can use this exercise equipment easily. Start exercising on these cycles is the best way to kick start your fitness journey and the main thing is the chances of getting an injury while using this cycle are very less.

Hence, without any hesitation buy the best exercise cycle in India and push your body to the extreme. We created this list of the best exercise cycles in India based on user ratings, specifications, types, price and various other parameters

Best Exercise Cycle in India 2020

1. Sparnod Fitness SAB-02 Air Bike Exercise Cycle for Home Gym-Dual Action for Full Body Workout

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This exercise cycle from Sparnod is a perfect fitness solution for the home. This exercise cycle is one of the best exercise cycles for home workout Under 10000. This is full-body workout air bike in which pedalling targets lower muscles and when you push and pull the handle to gain more speed the upper body muscles get trained.


Key Features:

  • The tension control knob allows adjustment of resistance level, hence you can achieve different levels of workout intensity.
  • It has LCD Display so that you can easily monitor the track, speed, distance and calories.
  • Scan mode continuously tracks the time, speed, distance and calories for perfect results.
  • This home gym cycle has a comfortable and height-adjustable seat with back support. Making it suitable for all types of peoples.
  • It comes with anti-slip wide base and foot pedal locks.
  • The ergonomic design helps in preventing muscle & joint strain and backrest for reducing back stress.

  • Easy to install

  • Easy to assemble

  • Great customer support

  • Easy to use

  • According to our research, no cons were found.

2. Cockatoo CXB-03 Smart Series Table X-Exercise Bike with Manual Tension

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Cockatoo CXB-03 smart series exercise cycles are the best option to reduce your fat at home. This exercise cycle comes with a welded steel frame design that gets fold for easy storage, ensuring that it can be placed in every room of your home.

Let’s discuss its features in detail,

exercise cycles

Key Features:

  • This exercise cycle from cockatoo has a digital LCD display through which, you can get information like speed, time, distance and calories burnt.
  • Its 1.4 Kg flywheel provides smooth, quiet and low maintenance operation. Ensuring comfort and no noise while doing your exercise.
  • 8 level magnetic resistance dial helps in making your cardio more intense so that you can achieve your fitness goals.
  • 2 belt transmission system helps in providing a quiet and smooth ride without any interruption.
  • Comes with rigid floor grips that keep the cycle steady and in place.
  • It has adjustable seat height so that the user can adjust it according to his/her height.
  • The large cushion and contoured seats give comfortable seating position and support to the back during your workout session.
  • It has a large and removable platform which provides a great place to set up your laptop, documents, book and tablet.
  • Maximum user weight and height accommodation: 110 kg/160-190 cm.
  • Certification: Without EN-957 report but can pass it

Technical Specifications:

MeterTime, Speed, Distance
Style NameMotorized Treadmill

  • 8 level magnetic resistance.

  • Easily adjustable

  • Smooth operation

  • Foldable bike

  • Not suitable for extra heavy person.

3. Dolphy Exercise Spinning Bike, Indoor Cycling Bike for Home Gym

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This exercise spinning bike from Dolphy is made up of heavy-duty steel and thicken foam keeping the stability and durability and is capable of bearing a weight of up to 180 Kg. This exercise cycle comes with a various important feature which makes it a perfect cycle for home workout.

best exercie cycle in India in 2020

Key Features:

  • This exercise cycle comes with 2 way adjustable handlebar perfect for flexibility and built-in tablet holder to keep your extra stuff during your workout.
  • Quick stop breaking will bring the bike to an immediate stop.
  • It has an adjustable leather padded seat which can be easily adjusted according to user height and proximity to handlebars, hence it fits perfectly for different height or arm length.
  • This exercise comes with portability transportation wheels for easy moving and relocation.
  • The high-quality non-slip pedal gives you a safer ride during a workout.
  • Water bottle holder holds your water bottle ensuring water supply.
  • A quiet belt drive system ensures smooth and quiet riding experience.
  • It has a perfect size and can supports up to 180 kg.
  • The support of up to 180 kg makes this exercise bike sturdy and stable exercise bike, non-slip pedal, quiet belt drive system etc. Makes the ride of this bike safe.

Technical Specifications:

MaterialABS sprayed steel pipe
ColourRed and Black
Water bottle holder Yes
Adjustable hand bar Yes
Adjustable seat Yes
Assembly required Yes
Transmission mode Belt Transmission
Maximum user capacity 180kg
Drive system Centre design drive

  • Heavy weight-bearing capacity

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to install

  • Good handling

  • Soft seating

  • Durable.

  • High maintenance cost

4. Powermax Fitness BU-203 Air Bike with Fixed Handles – Exercise Cycle

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This exercise cycle from Powermax is the best in India for you if you are on a tight budget. This exercise cycle has all the necessary features that every exercise cycle must-have.

best exercise cycle in India

Key Features:

  • This exercise cycle has an air resistance system which allows air to act as resistance to have an effective cardio workout.
  • To work out with different levels of intensity it has tension control knob which allows the adjustment of resistance level.
  • With its compact design, this cycle occupies less space and it weighs less than 20 kg, making it an ideal cardio exercise cycle for home.
  • LCD display shows the current readings of time, speed, distance and calories which are tracked through the digital meter.
  • With its comfortable and adjustable seat, anyone can use it easily.
  • The company gives a 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects or part failure.

Technical features:

BrandPowermax Fitness
Display-TypeLCD Display
MeterSpeed, Time, Distance

  • LCD display

  • Compact design

  • Comfortable to use.

  • No free installation

5. AFTON FU-50 Upright Exercise Bike

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This smart upright exercise cycle is the ideal fitness equipment for your home. This exercise cycle offers 8 levels of manual resistance for a smooth and comfortable workout. Its attractive design can make your room even more attractive.

best exercise cycle in India

Key Features:

  • This exercise cycle comes with 8 levels of manual resistance control to give you a smooth and quiet workout experience.
  • The LCD screen is used to show the distance, speed, time and calories and many other parameters such as RPM, THR (Targeted Heart Rate), pulse body fat, recovery, calendar, clock, temperature etc. to make your workout more efficient.
  • Handle pulse are used to count the current pulse rate of the user.
  • It has oval tumble frame.
  • Comfortable and adjustable seat.
  • Rigid floor grips to keep the cycle steady and safe.
  • Can bear a maximum weight of 100 Kg.
  • User’s manual force is used as a power source for the cycle.
  • The company provides a 1-year warranty on this product.

Technical Specifications:

Batteries IncludedNo
Included ComponentsAfton FU-50 Upright Exercise Bike, Manual, Toolkit
MeterTime, Speed, Heart Rate
Style NameUpright Exercise Bike

  • Easy to use

  • Excellent build quality

  • Durable

  • Quite operations.

  • No back support

After doing a workout you need a meal full of protein, hence in Microwave ovens, you can easily make any protein-rich chicken dish easily.

Best Exercise Cycle in India 2020 – Buying Guide

1. Types of Exercise Cycles –

Want to exercise regularly as part of your daily routine? So the exercise cycle is a big push for your fitness journey. No matter if you want to lose body fat or get stronger, exercise cycle plays an important role in your fitness life.

So according to your fitness goal, the exercise cycles are set in different ways, it will become easier for you to choose the best exercise cycle for you, once you set your fitness goal.

Let’s see them

1. Up-right bike


As the name suggests, if you want to train your upper body primarily then this bike is perfect for you. Up-right bikes are more versatile while exercising you can choose to sit and pedal or stand and pedal. This feature will give you a variation in your workout.

If your goal is a basic cardiovascular workout and doesn’t need high-intensity workout then you should go for Upright exercise cycle for sure.

This type of cycle is the best option for a person with moderate fitness goals.

  • More Versatile

  • Less expensive than recumbent

  • Some of the models can be easily folded and put away for later use.

  • Perfect to start a fitness journey at home.

  • Uncomfortable for a longer workout.

  • Not perfect for elderly people or for those who have issues with their lower back

  • May feel less stable for some user’s especially taller users.

2. Recumbent Bikes –  


In recumbent cycles, the seat is closer to the ground, with having back support that allows you to sit back so that you can primarily focus on your leg exercise and cardio. It has a lower centre of gravity which gives benefit in balancing the cycle.

These cycles are perfect for those people who have a back injury or people who want to burn the calories with some comfort.

  • Seating is more comfortable and larger

  • Perfect for the persons with back injuries

  • Hands-free workout

  • Well balancing

  • Less effective in terms of getting a good cardio workout.

  • Expensive

3. Combination or Hybrid Cycles

As the name signifies these cycles are the combination of both upright and recumbent cycles making it suitable for all types of peoples. With is Hybrid cycles you can vary your exercises. These exercise cycles are perfect for to fulfil your fitness goals in the initial stage but after some time you must hit the gym if you want to get stronger and muscular.

4. Air Bikes

Air bikes are also known as “assault bikes” or “fan bikes”. They have two upright hands at almost chest height which moves front and back and have a large fan which is driven by power and speed of pedals.

The fans present in these bikes are used to create resistance and this resistance is increased by the pedal. When you paddle hard the resistance increases. The harder you work the harder it becomes.

If you love resistance in your workout then this bike is perfect for you. This cycle is perfect for HIIT training.

5. Spin Bikes

If you want to burn your fat faster, then this could be the best option for you. The spin bikes are useful for Low impact but high-intensity workout. As the name suggests these cycles are used for spinning. You can work out of your whole body using this cycle.

  • High-calorie burn

  • Easy to use

  • Perfect for full body home workout.

  • No console

2. Price-

Before buying an exercise cycle set a budget, so that it becomes easy to choose the best exercise cycle from the variety of exercise cycles. In India, a good exercise cycle comes in the range of 10,000 to 15,000.

The price may exceed from 15,000 depending on the quality, features of the cycle.

3. Features-

By doing the proper research and learning more about the features of the cycle, you will be able to choose the best exercise cycle for you, so that you will be motivated to achieve your fitness goals.

  • Saddle Position– It is important to look for the model that allows you to make adjustments to the saddle position and toe traps so that you do your workouts more comfortably.
  • Adjustable Console – Having adjustable console in your cycle will help in preventing from issues such as excessive glare or neck strain caused by trying to view a console which is in an uncomfortable position. Hence to get rid of this problem go for the cycle which has an Adjustable console.
  • Handlebar Angle – To achieve the maximum comfort while exercising on cycles you may also need to adjustments to the angle of hand bars. Selecting such type of cycles will give you maximum comfort. Apart from this, it will also make it possible for multiple users to use the same machine comfortably.
  • Cooling Fan– The cooling fan in an exercise cycle is useful in maximizing airflow while you work out and in preventing the overheating, which is important for seniors or the person with health issues who would like to improve their fitness levels. Hence to stay cool with your workout an exercise cycle must have a cooling fan with variable speeds.
  • Preset Programs– Preset programs help you in reaching your fitness goals without needing to figure out your workout routine. This preset programs will help you to hit different fitness goals, to vary your workout routine so boredom does not set in. On average, an exercise cycle has at least 20 preset workout programs.
  • Resistance Level – To increase your muscular strength along with your cardio exercise, it is very useful to have different levels of resistance in the exercise cycle. Machine with 16 levels of resistance will help you in achieving a wide variety of different workouts.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring – One of the key components of your workout is your heart rate. Hear rate signifies the intensity of your workout. Hence it is good to monitor your heart rate during a workout. Hence choosing the exercise cycle with in-built heart rate monitor will be a good choice. Otherwise, you can use some external devices to monitor your heart rate.
  • Braking System – A good exercise cycle must have a braking system, to make your ride smooth and comfortable and make your workout safe.
  • Warranty– An high-quality exercise cycle will come with an extensive warranty. Look for a bike with a lifetime warranty. This way you can assure that you’re that the machine will last for a longer time and helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Best Exercise Cycle in India 2020 – FAQ

1. Which is better, exercise cycle or treadmill?

The treadmill burns more amount of fats than the exercise bikes and provides intense workouts, but in case of treadmills there is a high chance of injury while in case of exercise cycles the chance of injury is low with less amount of fat burns but they give strengthening benefits.

2. Is the exercise cycle is better than walking?

It depends on what is better in your terms. Cycling is more effective than walking hence you have work harder to lose your fats by walking and cycling is less hard on knees, hips and ankles than walking.

3. How long should you ride an exercise cycle to lose weight?

It depends on what your goal is. But for weight loss you should ride for at least 25-30 minutes in which first 5-10 minutes should be warm-up period then next 10-15 minutes should be workout period and then next 5 minutes should be cool down period.
The intensity of the workout will vary from person to person it depends on the strength of the person.

4. What is the best timing for cycling?

If your goal is to reduce fat then the morning time is best and if you want to develop muscle and strength then the evening will be the best.
In the morning time, the human body burns 33% more calories than the evening time.

5. Which is better cardio running or cycling?

Running burn more amount of calories than the cycling because it uses more number of muscles and it is Impact Base cardio exercise whereas cycling is a smooth exercise for our body than the running and you can do it for a longer time than the running because it is Non-impact cardio exercise.

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