Microwave Oven Do’s and Don’ts that you should know.

The microwave is one of the most essential parts of the modern-day kitchen. Cooking food in the microwave oven is as easy as eating it, Just chuck in some food and within some minutes you have a hot and tasty meal. It’s magical, isn’t it? Microwave is used very often for cooking, baking and heating purposes. But safety precautions should be taken to prevent accidents when you use this device. Hence in this article, we mentioned Microwave oven do’s and don’ts that you should follow while using it.

safety tips for using microwave oven

So, here is the list of safety measures that you should follow while using the Microwave Oven

Things you shouldn’t do when using a Microwave Oven

1. Don’t use metal utensils in micro mode

Never use the metal utensils or containers to cook the food in the microwave oven. The metal can spark, damage the unit, and lead to a fire

2. Do not use bottles or jars with a narrow neck in your Microwave oven

As pressure can build up in them and they may get explode inside the Microwave Oven.

3. Don’t use plastic utensils

Don’t use plastic utensils, containers or trays which are not safe for microwave oven. This is because when they are hot they can give off chemical fumes that will enter your food.

4. Do not cover the top of microwave oven with anything during operation

This is because when you cover the top of the microwave oven the thing you used to cover the microwave oven can block the proper circulation of air and heat in your microwave oven and this can cause some serious problems.

5. Don’t place the microwave oven near to the water source

When you place the microwave oven near a water source, some splash of water is likely to enter the microwave oven and this can cause an electric shock or short circuit in the microwave oven.

6. Never use aluminium foils in micro mode

As when it gets heated can cause chemicals to migrate into your food.

7. Don’t use it for other than cooking

Don’t use the microwave oven for purposes like drying your clothes, newspaper etc. as it may catch fire.

8. Do not boil eggs in a microwave oven as the eggs may explode inside the microwave oven.

9. Don’t overcook potatoes, as they can get dehydrate and catch fire.

10. Don’t open the cover or cabinet of the microwave oven by yourself

Because it is a complex appliance with a magnetron, thermal protectors, high voltage transformer, and circuits.

11. Never use extension boards to operate the microwave oven

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Things you should do when using a Microwave Oven

1. Clean and inspect the door of your microwave oven frequently and make sure that it is closing tightly and not allowing any radiation to come out.

2. Always use microwave-safe glass containers to cook fatty foods.

3. be sure to puncture the food with the thick skin to release the steam while cooking.

4. Do stir and rotate your food and allow standing times when cooking with your microwave oven. 

5. Always wear gloves to take out cooked food or accessories as it will be very hot after cooking.

6. Never eat food immediately after cooking in the microwave oven, allow some standing time.

7. Always stand at a safe distance from the microwave oven when it is working.

 Microwave oven Do’s and Don’ts FAQ

1. Can the microwave explode?

No, the microwave does not explode. But sometimes the sealed food we put in the microwave explodes because of the heat.

2. Does there is a negative effect of the microwave?

Yes, microwave can be harmful to you when it not used properly. The microwave radiation can harm body tissue the same way it heats the food item and it can cause a painful burn. So please handle it carefully.

3. Is it safe to use a microwave every day?

Cancer research done in the UK tells that there is no harm in using microwave daily until you don’t follow the microwave’s instruction for use.

4. Do microwaves have radiation?

Yes, microwaves cook the food using very high levels of a certain frequency of radiations. They are harmless as long as you follow the instructions for using the microwave oven and they do not emit X-rays or gamma rays and they do not make food radioactive.

5. Is it bad to stand in front of the microwave?

Although, you should not stand in front of the microwave after putting food in it. Standing in front of a microwave can increase your exposures to microwave radiation.

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